Why choose voice

In our increasingly connected, intelligent world, we believe people need a more natural way to interact with the technology around them. Your voice is as unique as your fingerprints, and a key part of how you communicate.

Our voice interface solutions open the door to a more natural conversation with technology in the smart environment.

Our voice solutions

XMOS VocalFusion range gives people the freedom to control technology with their voice, wherever they are in the room and whatever is happening around them. It’s designed for electronic product manufacturers, who want to build an engaging voice experience into new and existing products for the smart environment. We bring you the latest voice technology, in a ringfenced solution that’s reliable, cost-effective and easy to implement.

Our purpose-designed algorithms capture voice from noise – and detect the user from across the room, even if the TV’s on or music is playing from another speaker. We cancel out background noise, loudspeaker echo and room echo to send clear voice commands to your local or cloud-based speech recognition service of choice.

Get the power of voice control with an XMOS far-field voice-interface.

Development kits for Amazon AVS

Our Amazon qualified development kits are designed to help you build the Alexa Voice Service quickly into your products.

Development kits for other ASR services

Our development kits will help you integrate a voice interface for whichever speech recognition engine you’re working with.

Development kits for Microphone aggregation

The xCORE Array Microphone provides an ideal platform for a range of multichannel microphone aggregation products.

Our audio interfaces

XMOS has a 10-year pedigree in premium audio interface solutions. Our multicore microcontrollers are used in some of the most innovative digital audio solutions from leading brands.

The flexibility and very low latency deterministic performance of our multicore microcontrollers ensure on-time, bit-perfect processing and transfer of up to 32 channels of audio data from one interface to another. The XMOS USB Audio software delivers USB Audio Class 2.0/1.0 over USB 2.0 (high-speed or full-speed), with sample rates up to 384kHz and asynchronous mode support.

Our low BOM solutions are ideal for rapid product design and innovation in the professional and consumer audio markets and are accredited with the MFi Program for Apple developers.

XMOS USB Audio solutions are ideal, whether you require audio playback, recording, or a combination of both.

Development kits for
multichannel USB audio

Our multichannel USB Audio development kits, enable you to deliver on-time bit-perfect audio from multiple inputs.

Development kits for
Hi-Res Audio

XMOS delivers bit-perfect audio streaming of PCM 384kHz, DSD512, DoP, up to 32 channels, and low BOM cost.


xCORE multicore microcontrollers are programmed in C/C++, with multiple processor cores that can run I/O, DSP and application code. I/O events are passed directly to tasks, yielding response times up to 100x faster than traditional microcontrollers. The flexible I/O and timing-deterministic architecture lets you define the exact combination of interfaces and peripherals required. Complex real-time projects are delivered using a simple design process that is both adaptable and scalable.

xCORE-200 is available in a range of densities, packages, performance and temperature grades to meet your needs. With integrated Gigabit Ethernet RGMII interface and USB 2.0 PHY for high/full-speed host and device operation, the silicon delivers true real-time, high-performance processing, suitable for pro-audio and consumer audio interfaces, human-machine interfaces and imaging.

Build your own system using xCORE multicore microcontrollers and software libraries

Development kits for other applications

See our range of general purpose development kits.

Product Catalogue

Search our catalogue of development kits and silicon

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